Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality Kombucha tea that nourishes our community, supports our local economy, strengthens local food systems and allows us to give back to Native American communities. We are committed to environmentally conscious business practices, that include minimizing waste and inspiring sustainability in NE Kansas.

Commitment to Sustainability

From our use compostable cups, lids, straws and sample cups, composting and recycling almost 100% of our brewing waste, to selling kombucha on tap in refillable bottles, we are proud to operate in a way that aligns with our values and commitment to reducing our footprint on our planet.

Grower Network

Morning Light Kombucha takes great pride in the relationship we have built with our local organic farmers. We believe that sourcing our ingredients locally not only strengthens local food systems, but is essential to bringing you the best and most nutritious kombucha possible! Forming these relationships keeps our money local, promotes sustainability and supports the organic farming economy in NE Kansas. The growers we work with are AMAZING and essential in providing you with a product that is full of love, every step of the way. Please click on the links below to learn more about our friends!

Stirring Soil Farm

Limestone Gardens

Happy Valley Farms

Prairie Band Potawatomi Orchard

Harvey Organics (no link available)

Salem Farms

Berryton’s Best

Mellowfields Urban Farm

Giving Back

As a Native American owned company, helping others and giving back is built into our very foundation. Therefore, a percentage of all sales are used to support various Native American organizations, communities, issues, and efforts.

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